Listen to what our patients say about how we helped them!

"I have had a wonderful experience with Dr. Han. It has been a number of years since I have been to the dentist. I wish that I would have come across Dr. Han years ago. Thanks to all staff. A great experience."

Mark R.

"Procedure was painless and the results were fantastic. My teeth looks and feels natural. I would highly recommend this one visit computer crown procedure."

Carey W.

"You guys are the best. I am so nervous about going to the dentist. But Dr. Han and his staff being so caring and understanding it made the whole procedure a breeze. Also, the work that was done - I couldn't be happier. My teeth are beautiful. Thank you all with all my heart."

Sherry M.

"I found Dr. Han and his staff to be extremely professional and very caring. I had extensive work done removing old silver fillings and replacing them with a new porcelain bonding procedure. Even though I have a sensitive mouth, I never suffered any real discomfort or pain either during or after the procedure."

Cindie O.

"Dr. Han you are a kind and wonderful dentist. I enjoy coming to your office. You have wonderful help and they are all kind and wonderful as well."

Karthryn S.

"Very pleasant staff and good experience. Looks great afterwards. Dr. is very patient."

Diane S.

"Although I wasn't happy that I broke a front upper tooth, and had to have it extracted, I was grateful that I could come to Dr. Han and have it extracted. The pain went away and the graft he did succeeded. And he gave me good concrete information about my options for replacing the missing tooth."

Letitia P.

"Dr. Han's procedures are pain free. Even my kids aren't afraid to come to the dentist. Also, he has the state of the art equipment."

Linda K.

"I am 50 plus years old. I had worn dentures since I was 24 years old. I came to Dr. Han for a new denture. Oh Boy, did he make a beautiful dentures. I am so pleased. He also put 3 crowns in my bottom teeth, they are extraordinary. I'm so tickled about my teeth. Besides,"

Mary G.

"No more migraine headaches, ears aches, upset stomach, nausea, dizziness, sweating fevers sinus problem are all gone after seeing Dr. Han for treatment. Balance is much better."

Ronald P.

" I continue to be delighted with results of the invisalign procedure performed by Dr. Han. I would not have believed the procedure could produce the results it did if I didn't have the results in my own mouth."

Allen G.