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All your dental care can be taken care of in one place at Preferred Dental.

IV Sedation
(Sleep Dentistry) Most of the procedure can be in one visit. Read More...

Dr. Han is proud to be one of the first dentist in San Bernardino area to have Cerec- computer aided crown designing technology. This means that most of the crown procedure is done in ONE visit. No temporaries coming off! This technology offers material that is the closest in properties to your natural teeth. Most of the time Dr. Han can even eliminate the need for a complete crown thus saving a significant amount of tooth structure.

Orthodontics .

  • Convetional braces
  • 6 months power prox braces
  • Clear braces
  •

Laser cavity scanner
If you are like most of us, you had a dentist find a cavity, place a rather large filling, and you've wondered why the filling is so large if the cavity wasn't there just six months before- it just wasn't big enough to show on x-rays, and it wasn't visible to the dentist yet. The new laser scanner can now find cavities years earlier, when the ultra-small cavity can be removed mostly without anesthetic and repaired with a small invisible bonded fillings.

Are you suffering from missing teeth or loose denture. Have you thought about implants? Implants are titanium that gets integrated to jaw bone and becomes part of your body to replace missing teeth. Process can be done in 2-3 visits. Read More...

Sleep Dentistry

  • Are you anxious about going to the dentist?
  • Have you had traumatic dental experience?
  • Bad gagging reflex?
  • Limited time?
  • Don't like needles and shots?
  • Don't like the noise?

Dr. Han is one of the few general dentists in the nation who is licensed to practice IV sedation. This sedation technique is proven to be very safe and effective. Read More...

Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation

Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation - Spanish

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  • Specialize in taking care all your dental needs in one place.

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